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Chating with Ain't It Cool News in The Austin Comic Con!

Muldoon Chats With James Hong About The Austin Comic Con!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, your pal Muldoon here with a rare treat, a brief interview with a Hollywood icon. You fine folks know me as a lover of Short Films from my Saturday Shorts column, but my cinematic love doesn't stop there... by no means. So when the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hong arrived at my door step, I just had to jump at the opportunity. Fair warning, the man's played over 500 roles, been in practically everything (See For Yourself ), has worked with every director out there, and has accomplished more things than I can begin to imagine, so the idea of have ten minutes to talk with him about his life... there's no way I can do the man justice. I could easily spend hours going into detail about any number of things with him, so the questions I asked aren't as in depth as some might hope, however there is still wonderful insight in the interview below. I can't help but respect the man's tenacity and the fact that while he's been in big massive blockbusters, he's so passionate about creating fun characters that he pops up everywhere, like in video games and TV shows.

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