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Hear the word on the THE HONG SHOW!

"I very much enjoyed the "The Hong Show". Not only was it wonderful to be in Chinatown, the cast was amazing - very talented. All of them unique. I will definitely keep a special file for the actors and will keep them in mind when working on future projects."

- Mary-Rachel Foot
 Casting Director


" I thought the acting was superb and will definitely keep people in mind as roles come up."

- Kathy Kaplan
Stiner-Block Casting


"Overall, the quality of work was terrific. I appreciate the opportunity to see new talent. I loved the musical numbers... ...I very much look forward to the next event!"

- Billy DaMota, CSA

"The HONG SHOW was a delight. The venue was adorably accommodating and the talent was fresh."

- Courtney Cleaver
Slater/Brooksbank Casting


"We really enjoyed it and I was very happy to call in THREE of your actors on Tuesday for a feature film I'm casting--and I saw another of your students last night at a book signing I did at Brentano's. What fun!"

- Bonnie Gillespie
Casting Director


Hong Acting Workshop

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"I once again want to thank you for the opportunity of attending a very well presented showcase of your talent. It was certainly not done in the "normal" fashion that a showcase is used to being set up allowed us to be more comfortable in a beautiful restaurant setting with good food and drinks to enjoy before the show. As a producer, the showcase was a good venue to introduce me to some very good and talented actors that I will be keeping in mind for future productions. One last note to you James, I really enjoyed the piece you wrote as I could identify with it from my own casting experiences, good work."

- Todd Grodnick
Producer Merrill Entertainment, Inc.


"My hats off to the little girl, who I believe is the true future of our craft. I really find it interesting to watch little kids perform especially when they have a sort of maturity to them it is very interesting. They are totally commited, not self conscious and completely give themselves to who they are playing. I hope some of this comments help with all of you. They are just observations and please keep me posted to more events like this... Great job to all."

- Bodie J.Olmos
Olmos Productions Inc. The Walt Disney Studios/ABC


Hong Show Cast 

"Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement. What a fun and supportive group of people. Thank you James and April for your wonderful guidance, patience, time and for providing this wonderful opportunity. The comments I rereceivedas that it was a very clever format. It flowed well and was more like a floor show than a showcase. The guests felt they really got their money's worth."

- Melissa Tracy

"Mr. Hong you helped me regain my confidence. Oh and thank you April also!! You taught me the basics of acting which really helped me... If i get an Oscar, I'll always include April and Mr. James Hong!"

- Tammy Nguyen (12 years old)

"Mr. Hong, you introduced me to new exercises and techniques that really helped me. Honestly, this was the most fun I've had in LA for the 2 1/2 months I've been here. I only hope I get an opportunity to do it again."

- Wai Mui

Congrats to Volt Francisco, Wai Mui, and Makayla Leone on getting called in to audition for a major part in a feature film 3 days after being seen in "The HONG Show". Hats off to student Mickey Caputo for landing a guest star appearance in a WB show and another role on an ABC show!



Please contact us for more details.

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