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April Hong and James Hong

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Hong Acting Workshop

Hong Acting Workshop

The Hong Acting Workshop encourages you to think out of the box and discover what makes you unique. Whether you are pursuing an acting career or seeking development personally or professionally in another field other than acting, we can help. 

Our special teaching techniques and acting exercises develop your skills to meet your fullest potential not only as an actor, but as a communicator. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their public speaking skills, problem solving techniques, and teamwork strategies, all necessary in work, school, and daily living! 

Professional actors find they are able to face the challenges of auditions and acting jobs when training in our classes. It is important to have a solid foundation in your art form to carry you throughout your career. Also, you want to be able to effectively communicate within the entertainment industry in order to build your network and thrive within this fast-paced community.

We create specialized programs to meet the needs of specific groups, such as senior citizens, at risk youth, and schools that welcome integrating Theatre Arts into their curriculum. Programs involve Theatre Arts games to bridge gaps between generations and cultures. Learning is easy when you're having fun!

As you experience the Hong Acting Techniques, you will benefit from Mr. Hong's 60 years in the motion picture and television industry and over 500 roles. 


Also offering special workshops for Parties and Special Events for ALL AGES!

As a professional child actor, April Hong, studied under her father, James Hong learning all his inner thoughts and personal approaches to acting. Realizing the life of an artist is an incredible journey, April chose to continue her career into adulthood. The ultimate combination of being teacher and artist has greatly enriched her life. 

Both teachers, April and James Hong, come from a background of thorough training and professional experience in television, film, and theatre. What has worked for them is now being taught to their students. It is their mission to empower those who wish to take their communication skills to the next level.


"Since working with April Hong I have started writing and producing my own projects, improved my focus and concentration in my auditions, built confidence in myself to deliver on the job, gained a new awareness about accents and how to reduce or enhance them, and booked one independent short film and two voice over jobs through her personal connections in the industry. I strongly recommend other people of all ages have the opportunity to work with an experienced artist and teacher who truly cares about giving back to society such as April Hong."
- Ying Yuen, Hong Acting Workshop Student

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