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Release your inner KUNG FU PANDA in the Hong Acting Workshop!

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Hong Acting Workshop

For more information about group acting workshops and private coaching with April Hong:


Please fill out our application FORM BELOW. We'll let you know your status of acceptance as soon as we receive your message.


All acting workshops include:



physical and vocal warm-ups and improvisation exercises



learning a variety of powerful acting techniques for TV, film, theatre, commercials and voice over



building self-confidence through expressing yourself infront of an audience



relating to others' feelings



improving your speech



learning focus, respect, and self-discipline


Small class sizes where you get alot of personal attention!

SETTING A GOAL: If there is something in particular that you want to work on, we can focus our attention on developing this area.

TYPE OF WORK: Fun individual and group acting exercises, including movement, vocalization, and improvisation for film, TV, voice overs, commercials, and theatre.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Periodically we invite industry guests, such as directors, producers, writers, casting directors, etc. to view the sessions and interact with the students. Question and answer period follows.





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