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What are people saying about the Hong Acting Workshop?

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Hear what our adult students have to say for yourself!

Acting has given me some purpose in life, somehow. It has reawakened what I used to be and motivated me to move on and live life with passion.

- Jennifer Aguilar

I feel like the environment is really supportive and encouraging. Please keep pushing us. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication!

- Soon Hee Newbold

At Hong Acting Workshop, keys were turned and doors were opened to my emotional life, enabling me to play a broader range of characters then I ever imagined.

- Matt Lussier

The Hong Acting Workshop has been a wonderful benefit for my acting skills. I find myself constantly inspired by the progress made by students of all levels and I truly appreciate both the personal as well as professional growth I have experienced as a result.

- Bill Sato


Hong Acting Workshop

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There are many classes here in LA that don't focus much on exploring the craft of the whole actor and how to work with the camera in making your character believable. So classes like yours are few and far between.

(Within Turner's first month of attending the Hong Acting Class.)

This has been an unusually busy week for me. I had an audition for the play You're a Good Man Charlie Brown on Monday evening. The previous Saturday I auditioned for the show Godspell. Both went amazingly well. Thanks to all the advice on how to approach auditions that I've received from you both. I found out I got into Godspell.


Anyway, I also wanted to let you know I have an audition to be on a major netwok tv show! I'm so excited. I'm going to take everything I've learned into this audition with me.

- Chris Turner


You provide a nurturing and safe environment in which actors can learn, explore and grow. Without your help I could not have booked one of the lead roles as "Mercer" in Exit 38. It was your guidance and instruction in character development as well as your encouragement in taking risks that ultimately landed me this major role. And for all that you have given me, I am eternally grateful.

- Joseph Kung


So, there you have it. There's nothing like a healthy, growing acting class.


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