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We'd love to see your video, and hear the story behind it.  Share it with us to be possibly featured on the website.
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Toronto, Ontario 

Video from fan Ronnie Banerjee.


James Hong "Nick´s Avatar" 

Kung Fu Panda 2

You might have been kinda ...uh...uh...adopted!

Kung Fu Panda 

Dubbing the voice of Mr Ping (Dad).

Seinfeld - The Chinese Restaurant

Cartwright! Cartwright!

Big Trouble in Little China


Kung Fu Panda 2

Talking about Mr Ping

Wayne's World 2

Wayne (Mike Myers) fights Cassandra's (Tia Carrere) martial artist dad (James Hong) to prove himself worthy.

Blade Runner

I just do eyes.

On TMZ with Wonder Woman!

Signing Body Parts at Austin Comic Con

Revenge of the Nerds II


Diablo 3

Voice of Covetous Shen

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